Alphamatician Big Data Collection and Monitoring Services

Alpamatician mines an ocean of data

Any investment question can be answered with the right data. The Internet holds an ocean of this data. You just have to find the useful bits of it.

Alphamatician is in the business of low latency data collection to give you real time answers to your specific questions. We then harvest, parse, clean, and present it in a form you can easily use.

Alphamatician offers a complete big data collection solution

  • We work with you in a consultative approach to identifying the information that will answer the key questions about the companies in your portfolio.
  • We provide long term data monitoring with continual maintenance and data cleansing to create useful time series.
  • We deliver clean data in the format you need. We can provide your data via direct web access, API, FTP, SQL dumps, MS Excel sheets, CSV files, and graphical charts.
  • We have mapped 4,000 companies to top line revenue related data. We also track real estate markets.

Alphamatician finds the right data to answer specific and relevant questions about the companies in your portfolio.

Typical Questions Sample Data Types
  • Are sales for a company increasing or decreasing relative to its competitors or its targets?
  • Is pricing up or down?
  • What is concerning customers?
  • Is the company getting traction with key initiatives?
  • How is company market share trending?
  • Social discussion. For example, we can tell you what people are saying and where about a company's products or major initiatives.
  • Company product pricing, reviews, and availability on popular e-commerce sites. For example, we can map company products to sites like
  • Company social media activity statistics. For example, we track company activity on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.
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