Alphamatician Real Estate Analysis

Alpamatician mines an ocean of data

Lots of companies monitor real estate data. We make sense of it by looking at it in a fresh way.

We see real estate data as a source to be used in conjuction with others. Alphamatician leverages the power of traditional real estate data by combining it with social data and other inputs. This tells a more complete story and lets make specific, actionable investment decisions.

Alphamatician offers a complete big data solution

  • We work with you in a consultative approach to identifying the information that will answer the key questions about the companies in your portfolio.
  • We provide long term data monitoring with continual maintenance and data cleansing to create useful time series.
  • We deliver clean data in the format you need. We can provide your data via direct web access, API, FTP, SQL dumps, MS Excel sheets, CSV files, and graphical charts.

Alphamatician helps you get answers to specific, relevant questions.

Typical Questions Typical Analysis Cases
  • What type of housing will consumers want in coming months?
  • Are consumers trending towards more or less mall traffic?
  • What is worrying home buyers?
  • Custom market analysis reports.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Most profitable build analysis.
  • Portfolio construction.
Contact us to learn more about how we can help you, and to get updates as we launch our innovative new services.