Alphamatician Social Data Monitoring

Alpamatician mines an ocean of data

Monitoring social data can directly impact share prices.

Alphamatician monitoring tools give valuable information every day to help you make better investment decisions and improve returns.

We help you understand customer interest in the company's products and brands and shareholder interest in the company's stock.

Alphamatician offers a Social Monitoring Dashboard

Enter your company or ticker via our live search, and immediately see relevant trends affecting the company and is products.

Alphamatician Social Media Company Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Alpamatician mines an ocean of data

Alphamatician offers a complete big data research and analysis solution

  • We work with you in a consultative approach to identifying the information that will answer the key questions about the companies in your portfolio.
  • We provide long term data monitoring with continual maintenance and data cleansing to create useful time series.
  • We deliver clean data in the format you need. In addition to dashboards, we can provide you with data via direct web access, API, FTP, SQL dumps, MS Excel sheets, CSV files, and graphical charts.
  • We have mapped 4,000 companies to top line revenue related data. We also track real estate markets.

Alphamatician's social monitoring dashboard lets you know more about your investments and answer specific questions.

Typical Questions That The Alphamatician Social Media Dashboard Can Answer
  • In consumer interest rising or falling for the company's products? This can be a good proxy for demand and revenue.
  • Do consumers feel strongly positive or negative about a company?
  • How loyal are its consumers likely to be?
  • Is the company getting traction with key initiatives?
  • How is company market share trending?
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