Sample Data

Examples of Alphamatician data

sample data

See the publicly traded companies with the most complaints

We track comlaints and negative reviews by company

sample data

Self Storage Prices On The Move

See how self storage prices have changed year over year by state.

sample data

The Changing Landscape For Programmers

See how the job market for programmers by programming language has evolved over time.

sample data

See the top publicly traded companies on Facebook

We track the top movers on Facebook

sample data

See the top publicly traded companies on Instagram

We track activity by company

sample data

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Easy to use

Alphamatician makes the process easy. We provide an easy to use graphical user interface and multiple options to access data. We take the work out of data collection and management so that you can focus on generating alpha and on making better decisions.


Clean, compliant data

Alphamatician provides well cleaned data backed by multiple processes to help ensure a high level of data integrity.



Alphamatician delivers the data you want in formats you can use. We work closely with clients to ensure that the data series we are providing meet precise needs.


Extensive Global Coverage

We cover more than 18,000 publicly traded companies and their subsidiaries, and thousands more private companies across the globe. Our deep coverage includes industries, companies, and individual brands. We also cover macroeconomic data.

Numerous, Diverse Datasets

We offer numerous datasets that give you insights into customer engagement and demand, pricing, company outlook, macro economic factors, and more.

Long Data History

We offer numerous data series with more than three years of history.

Data Mapped to Companies

All of our data is provided mapped to individual company identifiers and tickers. We also offer custom entity mapping.

Multiple Interface Options

Work with us in the way that best fits your own work flow. We offer interactive web tools, a flexible API and custom options.

Custom Data Collection

We collect, manage, and perform entity mappings for datasets that you specify. We also work interactively with clients to discover and explore new datasets.